Need Stronger Headlines? Dynamic Writing Tool, ‘Headline Studio’ by CoSchedule Benefits Every Copywriter or Professional Marketer…

The need to produce compelling headlines is central to everything a professional copywriter creates..

Whether I’m producing a case study, a white paper, or even a blog post, it’s imperative I get my ideas across as succinctly as possible.

It’s even more important when writing webpages and ‘live’ persuasive copy.

Headlines, Titles, Sub-Heads

Many people think headlines are only important for advertising. Titles or sub-heads in any form of copy serve the same purpose. They help the reader connect points the writer is trying to make just by scanning.

Headlines connect all the points of benefit to the reader, so they get the outline meaning of the article or post even before reading the content.

Titles or headings (headlines) and sub-heads should encourage the reader (often a potential customer or client) to pay closer attention to statements or arguments made by the writer.

Capture Your Reader’s Attention

This is more difficult than you might think. Every piece of copy I write uses these ‘placeholders’ to capture and hold the reader’s attention.

Ideas for a regular and continuous supply can be challenging to generate. One gets a sort of ‘idea fatigue’ or word-blindness that often leads to poor headlines; titles that don’t deliver the desired effect.

Headline Studio by CoSchedule provides a plug-in solution that is available on the writer’s desktop whenever he or she needs inspiration – headlines ‘on tap’.

Headline Analyzer App

Professional Analysis, including SEO

CoSchedule’s Headline Studio analyses several important metrics. These include SEO, the use of common and uncommon words, emotional impact, and word balance along with readability and reading grade level. The resultant ‘score’ quickly shows the effectiveness (or otherwise) of your headline.

I manage and maintain several of my own websites, all of which need constant updates and tweaks to keep them effective.

I rely on a particular site for a stream of income, targeted at a very narrow sub-niche within a larger market. The site is difficult to find in the ‘noise’ of the commercial sector of which it is part.

Without paying a fortune for Google AdWords, it is very challenging indeed to attract the right eyeballs. So the headline has always been an important differentiator for me.

Because it’s my site (as opposed to a client’s), it seems to be even more tricky to get right and gain traction.

I discovered the headline-studio almost by accident. I set up a free account and tried my existing headline with the free Pro Trial.

The initial improvement so impressed me, I then spent some time running several more of my present and existing headlines through it.

Saves Time, Expense and Effort…

Within 15 minutes I had a headline I was much more happy with than all those I’d used previously — you develop an instinct for these things – and that also gave me a much improved SEO score.

I changed the ‘old’ headline immediately and have already seen positive results. As an aside, using the tool is also both fun and educational..

Last week I used the App again; this time on a live client project. With very little effort, I improved the score from 30 to 76, which has delighted my client. His eBay sales enquiries for the product have gone up fourfold.

Professional Copywriter uses CoSchedule App

In summary, I would highly recommend CoSchedule’s Headline Studio tool. For professional writers, it’s an essential weapon in your arsenal that saves time and effort.

More importantly, it will improve the way you work. It’s certainly helped me.

Get a free pro trial here