Want to Sell More of Your Stuff to More People, More Often, for More Money? Contact Me Today…

Want to Sell More of Your Stuff to More People, More Often, for More Money? Contact Me Today…

Freelance Copywriter in Yorkshire says:

“Here’s the Good News: With my words on your website or in any of your marketing materials, you’ll sell loads more of your stuff to more people, more often…and at better prices.”

So, if you:

  • own a small business that needs to improve marketing ROI,
  • are an internet marketer who wants to boost your online sales, or
  • run an established bricks and mortar company pushing to increase market share…

…then I can certainly help you get your marketing messages ‘out there’ in front of the right eyeballs.

Engagement can be difficult after a Pandemic…

And it’s no easier during a security crisis (Russia in Ukraine), an economic downturn, record inflation and national unrest! It’s true to say today’s socially distanced digital marketplace demands powerful direct response copy more than ever before.

Why? Because it cuts through all the above. Removes extraneous clutter and ‘noise’.

People still need jobs, health care, economic security, freedom of choice, and a degree of certainty and stability in their lives. None of these come from central government or the media. They come from successful businesses like yours, and the goods and employment you provide.

Stimulating direct response copy drives engagement (clicks, conversions, leads), expands your customer base, encourages more of them to buy what you’re selling or promoting, and it smashes sales ‘out of the park.’

If you agree, contact me today to arrange a brief discovery conversation and get the ball rolling. We can pick up over Zoom or Skype if you like, but do it now, while it’s fresh in your mind.

I love to work closely with clients to create and present their marketing information persuasively in their own ‘voice’.

Do you want to engage with and inform potential customers about your company, your products, and the services you provide?

Let me know what I can help you with, and I’d be delighted to share some input, advice or feedback with you in strict confidence.

Copywriting isn’t a ‘black art’…

However, it needs expertise, training, and experience to make it effective. Don’t worry; I’ll provide all of that for you.

I can deliver copy and content in many forms and formats. Here are a few examples to explore or consider:

  • white papers
  • case studies
  • blog and social media posts
  • advertisements and promotions
  • product descriptions
  • sales brochures
  • sales letters
  • articles
  • web copy, pages, or other information for your website.  

I can also write and present the content of a proposal, agenda or ‘argument’ for you. For example, if you need to:

  • persuade funders to provide you with a grant or finance facilities,
  • promote a political, charitable, or environmental agenda, or
  • ‘sell’ a unique or insightful point of view,

I can help.

Powerful, persuasive, profitable copy creates sales and other commercial opportunities.

It’s often described as ‘Salesmanship in Print’, and generates positive engagement with potential customers, clients, stakeholders or employees. It compels people to take an action or make a decision – to buy, to find out more about you and your products, or to support your cause.

“Simples!” as Aleksandr the Meerkat would say.

Actually, it’s never been any other way….

Whether you sell personal or professional services, diamonds, jet aircraft, or handmade shoes, you need copy and content that promotes them to potential customers.

I’m the copywriter to create that for you. I produce compelling copy that quietly works ‘hands-off’ (on autopilot) even while you sleep, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays and weekends).

It’s the type of stimulating copy and content that relentlessly drives your buyers, clients, or members, to make a purchasing or engagement decision.

Get it right and it’s an investment. Get it wrong and it can be a massive cost.

You might have the best product or service in the world, at the best possible price. But if people:

  • don’t know about it, 
  • can’t understand the benefits of using or owning it, or
  • haven’t a clue how to get their hands on it,

…then you just won’t sell it!

Perhaps that’s where you are at the moment? If so, then…

  • Talk to me about your current challenge.
  • Sound me out on an idea.

How would it feel to be able to take your business or venture to the next level?

To get a no-obligation quote from someone who’s working tirelessly to become the Top Copywriter in UK (or at least Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North), 

  • ping me an email,
  • connect with me on LinkedIn, or
  • speak to me now – call me on 01484 840485.

Alternatively, if you already know what you need, click here to give me a more detailed brief.

Why not contact me now, while the ideas are fresh in your mind?

It would be great to hear from you. Let’s see if we have any common ground or ideas on which we could collaborate.

Call or email me today.