Dave Christophi – Co-Founder and Director, Your Guardian Ltd, Body Mapper Ltd

We work with a number of clients and partners across a broad spectrum industries, predominantly giving business advice but also keen to learn and seek guidance from others.

As I look back over our time as a business consultancy, there is one person in particular that stands out for me. They stand out for two reasons:

1. Because they clearly had the technical expertise to point us in the right direction, offered to help us off their own bat, in their own time and at their own expense.

2. Because they delivered advice and guidance we needed to hear… which wasn’t a good news story. Sometimes you need to hear this kind of honest critique in order grow and often that’s more difficult to deliver than just stay silent.

So whilst others had perhaps opted to say nothing, Stephen chose to help, giving us the benefit of his vast experience and guidance. For that, we at Your Guardian Ltd are truly grateful and would like to publicly say thank you Steve. Your feedback and direction was very much appreciated and I for one would highly recommend your copywriting skills to anyone looking for this kind of high end service.