Fred Gardner, Director – Guzzland Property Development

Steve worked with me to improve my business (property development) website. In this case, there was a website I created, but it would work just as well, if you hadn’t and it doesn’t really matter what your website is for, as Steve will work initially from your bio and a set of questions. Then it’s a get together over a phone or video call for a chat. That’s to get a personal feel of your needs and to get to know you.

From there Steve will work on your pages, offer extra advice on how the pages link and flow as a website. What is great, you provide feedback on what you like, or what you’d like to change, so it is a very collaborative arrangement until you’re happy.

Steve also offers a whole host of website and business advice, so get in touch with him for a chat, for he will help you and your business progress. I will be keeping in touch with Steve to keep the momentum going, or just to ask “What do you think on this …?”

Highly recommended. Thanks for your assistance Steve.